Project was a little more in depth than our usual bathroom renovation.   To complete this project we needed to shift a wall in the middle of two bathrooms to give more room for the master bathroom,  taking a little space from the kids bathroom.    This included shifting air vents,  moving plumping pipes in the wall/floor and  rearranging the electrical to accommodate the new design.  While the outside wall was uncovered we replaced the insulation and vapour barrier on the outside wall of the bathrooms.    New bathroom fans were installed in the ceilings and the proper roof vents were installed.

The first set of three pictures below is the new kids bathroom.    A nice accent feature in the shower is the shiny penny tile in the back of the niche.


20160516_162827 20160516_162746 20160516_162849


Below are the pictures of the master bathroom.   The last picture is a little out of focus but it shows the accent tile in the niche.   A sliding door was also installed in this bathroom to create more room in the master bedroom for a mirrored dresser.


20160516_163130 20160516_163043